Water Jet Cutting
The combination of water jet cutting with an abrasive material makes short work of metal, concrete and composites with far less dust and noise than other methods. Additional cold cutting services include cutting manways to tanks, as well as cleaning the tanks and floor cutting for plate removal.

Heat Exchanger & Pipe Cleaning
Nothing boosts heat exchanger efficiency and uptime like water jet cleaning, and no one has more solutions than Aquablast Corp. when it comes to assessing a need and then applying pressure water jets (10,000-20,000 psi, or 700-1,400 bar) to quickly remove deposits and let operators stay clear.

Tank and Tote Cleaning
Tank reactors and totes are quickly cleaned with high-pressure water jets, generally in a fraction of the time needed for manual or caustic cleaning. Aquablast Corp. water jets are friendly to the environment and personnel. Since water jet cleaning eliminates the need for anyone to enter a tank, meeting the latest confined space standards is not a problem. There are occasions in which entering a tank is necessary and Aquablast Personnel are qualified and trained in confined space entry.

Dry Ice Blasting Services

  • Fast, easy and cost-effective
  • Uses high-velocity solid CO2
  • No secondary waste stream is created
  • Good for food plants, delicate semiconductor and circuit board cleaning

CCTV Pipe Inspection

  • Mobile camera solution to investigate
  • View confined spaces from a safe place
  •  Excellent for sewer, water & gas mains
  • Accommodates non-circular sections, bends, and various loading conditions

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Multiple Applications
  • Deburring System
  • Coke Removal from Tank
  • Headlamp Carrier Cleaning
  • Dam Refacing
  • Foundry Core Box Cleaning
  • Sewer Jetting
  • Hydrodemolition Production Rate
  • Steel Billet Descaling
  • Bridge Hydrodemolition
  • Tote Cleaning
  • Tote Cleaning with 3-D Head
  • Investment Casting Cleaning
  • Abrasive Track Crawler
  • Oxidation Removal at 36,000 psi
  • Chloride Removal from Concrete
  • Corrosion Removal from Pilings
  • Historic Cobblestone Restoration
  • Pool Refurbishing
  • Marine Surface Prep
  • Prep for Highway Overlay
  • Paint Removal from Ship
  • OSB Screen Cleaning
  • Carbon Removal from Baking Pans
  • Water Jet Cutting
  • Staging and Scaffolding Cleaning
  • Concrete Surface Preparation
  • Railcar and Tank Cleaning
  • Underwater Concrete Cutting
  • Sandstone Texturing Surface