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Since 1973, Aquablast Corp. and its fleet of green trucks have been providing water blasting ( or water jetting) services, as well as wet and dry vacuum (or hydrovac) services to a wide range of industries and a great number of businesses throughout the GTA and provincial region.

Dry Ice Blasting Services

  • Fast, easy and cost-effective
  • Uses high-velocity solid CO2
  • No secondary waste stream is created
  • Good for food plants, delicate semiconductor and circuit board cleaning

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Canadian Federation of Independant Business

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Water Blasting-Jetting Services

  • Tank and Tote Cleaning
  • Food Processing and Assembly Lines
  •  Paint Shops & Car Washes
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Plants
  • Bridges (Scaffolding) Cleaning
  • Hazmat Abatement

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Facts & Information

    Hydro Excavation

    Hydro-excavation exposes a utility or removes earth in close proximity to a utility.

    An example of exposing the utility would be daylighting or potholing a gas main to determine its exact vertical and horizontal position.

    Another use of hydro-excavation would be an excavation for a pole installation that is within one meter of an existing utility.

    When excavating in the proximity of buried utilities, hydro-excavation is a safe alternative to hydraulic methods and an efficient alternative to hand digging.